How Much Does a “Hokulia Shave Ice” Franchise Cost?

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You must have at least $100,000 liquid capital and a minimum of $500,000. To purchase a franchise with Hokulia Shave Ice you will need to have a minimum net worth below $500,000. A franchisee can expect to invest between $122,000 and $237,000. Hokulia Shave Ice has a $40,000. franchise fee *

No One Does Hawaii Better Than Hokulia

Hokulia Shave ice was founded in 2009 by a couple who had just returned from a vacation to Hawaii and wanted to bring back one of the best island treats to America. It has become a huge success story that is strategically skies of luxury and style partnered with other companies for success.

Our ice-based desert is made from a block of ice and not crushed. This creates a snow-like texture which allows for our 50 Hawaiian flavor syrups to be absorbed into the ice, rather than being surrounded by a gritty texture.

Hokulia Shaveice is traditionally served with a scoop Farr’s premium ice cream. Our entire organization is supported by Farr’s Ice Cream Company, a legendary brand, financial strength, and expertise that has been around for over 90 years.

There are four types of business models we offer: our original mobile “shacks”, brick-and-mortar units measuring 1,000-1500 square feet, with an expanded menu, year-round income, master-leased units within the largest retail supercenters in the world, and freestanding drive-thrus.

Hokulia’s franchise system offers everything you need: training, support and marketing, as well as simple menu ordering and preparation. It is straightforward, unassuming, direct, and driven by passionate professionals who are electric shavers committed to your success.

Franchisees are proud to embrace the rich history and tradition of “shave-ice” and offer customers a virtual “mini vacation” that is filled with authentic island products and a relaxed atmosphere. Contact us today to learn more about Hokulia’s Hawaiian experience.

Franchisee of Hokulia Shave ice

Overview Hokulia Shave Ice’s shaved-ice desserts are shaved rather than ground. This gives it a light, fluffy texture instead of a hard, gritty one. To give each shaved cone a unique flavor, Farr’s Ice Cream is added to the core. The Short Board cones are small and affordable, with large portions. Hokulia offers catering services for weddings, parties and other events.

History of Hokulia Shave-Ice Franchises

After tasting shaved-ice desserts on a trip to Hawaii, Stefani Severson and Clint Severson decided to open a shaved-ice shack in 2008. Hokulia Shave Ice is based in Utah. Its successful franchising strategy and financial backing from the Farr’s Ice Cream Company (90-years-old) have led to an exponential growth rate. Hokulia currently has nine locations in nine states, including locations in Utah, Idaho and Montana, Georgia as well as locations in California, Wyoming and Nevada.

Hokulia Shave Ice Clint and Stefani Severson decided to return home after enjoying some Shave Ice on the beach. They returned to Utah, where they opened the first Hokulia Shave Ice Shack. Customers loved it! The unique blend of shave-ice, ice cream, and flavors has led to great success. Farr’s Ice Cream CO (90 yrs exp), also franchisor for Farr’s Fresh Ice Cream, Frozen Yogurt and Frozen Custard, supports them now and is available to help spread the concept via franchising. Our motto is “Authentic Hawaiian.” Uniquely designed shacks are sold in groups of three or five. Entry is low-cost. Maximal Return on Investment

Hokulia Shave-Ice Franchise Costs and Requirements 2022

Hokulia’s shaving ice is an ice dessert that’s made from shaving a block ice and adding our delicious flavors as well as a scoop Utah Farr’s Ice Cream. Add a topping of? “Sno Cap”? Condensed milk and you’re in?Hawaiian Heaven! It is made with shaved, not shaved, ice. Shaving is better than using crushed ice. Shaving creates a fine, snow-like ice. The ice’s fine texture allows syrups to be absorbed and not just surrounded by it. Our perfect shaved ice is the secret to our magic! Our award-winning ice cream is paired with our exclusive flavors to make us stand out.


This business opportunity is just as amazing as Hokulia’s?shaved ice taste! You can become a Hokulia franchisee if you are qualified. We will assist you in becoming a happy and successful entrepreneur. These are the characteristics that make the Hokulia business opportunity irresistible, just like our incredible products.


This company will provide you with the best Hawaiian Shave Ice products on the island. Our sales have increased each year since? Hokulia ‘Shave Ice began operation. We are also supported by?Farr’s Ice Cream Company. Over the past 90 years,?Farr?s has been a leader within the Ice and Ice Cream Industry. Their company has the expertise, experience and financial strength to help you reach your financial goals and make your desserts (pun intended).


It is called? It’s called “Tastes of hawaiian bros“. To be there, you can see the smiles on the faces of our customers and the joy in their eyes when they receive their delicious? Hokulia treat! Children can be seen running from their cars to the shack. Because it’s a good-feeling treat, and a bright, inviting place that is also great for socializing with family and friends,?Hokulia? appeals to all ages.