Save or spend money with cryptocurrency?

By: JamesNavarro

For a long time, many people have questioned cryptocurrencies. They viewed it as a temporary trend and predicted a decline in its value. Ten years later, more than 2500 cryptocurrency were launched on the market. This is still a strong argument against the naysayers. Many investors became interested in cryptos and opened the door for ordinary people to use their skills on the open market.

There have been many opinions over the years about what cryptocurrencies can be used for, including saving, investing, and buying. It all depends on your individual needs. Read the following to learn more about the benefits and drawbacks of each.

Can cryptos be used to save money?

11 years ago, 1BTC had a value of 1 penny. Bitcoin today is close to $15,000 per coin. What is driving the price up? There are many factors that drive the value up, but the most important is the limited supply of coins available on the market. Bitcoin has 21 million. There will be no more coins, and nobody can create them except Satoshi Nakamoto, its founder.

However, governments can create traditional currencies whenever they require it. The Federal Reserve of the United States, a private corporation, has control over the amount of money that circulates around. They print more money, which leads to higher inflation and a plunge in the dollar’s value. Today, you’ll get less than $1000 if you save $1000 20 years back. Again, inflation.

Did you know that lottery winners opt for a lump sum rather than payments spread over 20 years? The same reason: in 20 years, their winnings will lose their original value and the payout will be lower.

There is no inflation with cryptocurrencies, so their value can only rise. Despite some significant fluctuations over the years, their value has remained constant. You’re likely to be a millionaire today if you are one of those who has seen cryptocurrencies as the future for financial transactions and currencies generally.

Why not save the money? Although you can do this, the low-interest rates won’t be enough to keep up with inflation. This means that you will continue losing money over the long-term. However, cryptos will only gain value, so it makes sense to save cryptos as a long-term investment.

Can cryptos be used to spend?

When you save money, there is always a time to spend it. More and more retailers have started to accept cryptocurrencies as payment. The value of digital coins has risen again and is unstoppable. The most reliable and secure way to transfer funds is through digital monies. Contrary to traditional bank transfers, which can be slow and have a lot of cut-offs and fees, cryptocurrencies are quick and easy, and come with very little or no charges. Transfers can be made 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, even on holidays. Banks are closed traditionally for business.

It is absurd to ask whether cryptos can be used for spending when you consider all of this. It has a downside. The market is volatile and digital coins can fluctuate in value. It doesn’t matter if you accept Bitcoin in the morning. In the evening, it may not be worth as much. This is a big risk for businesses, and many won’t take chances with their profits. Cryptocurrencies have shown erratic behavior over the past few years, with their value fluctuating by thousands of dollars per week. This is a serious problem and the reason why big companies are not accepting cryptos.

One solution is the cryptos, whose value are linked to a traditional currency like the US dollar or British pound. These coins are stable and only change in value when the currency they’re attached to changes. This is often minuscule. This way, everyone is protected from wild fluctuations on the open market and still able to accept cryptocurrency payments.

What is the future?

Many speculators for cryptocurrency predict bright skies. They believe that as the coins mature, the value of the coins will become more stable, and the market will glide into calm waters. This optimistic prediction is one that digital coin creators can bank on. If cryptos are so stable in the future many retailers will be able to accept it as payment or list the prices in digital currency.

It is difficult to determine if cryptocurrencies are right or wrong for you. It all depends on your goals, whether you want to save money, avoid bank fees, or do something else. Your personal goals will determine the outcome. One fact is certain: cryptos’ values will rise. Because there is no inflation and a limit on their volume, we can expect them to increase in value by as much as 10% each year. This seems to be the highest interest rate for savings (or so-called HODLing). It might not be the best investment if you plan to use it for products or services. If the value of the coins keeps rising, you might regret it for a while.

Chances are that you will be part of the winning team, no matter what you do with your coins. Digital currencies have managed to reach the public despite all the volatility and insecurity. Although cautious, retailers are becoming more open to accepting cryptos and following the latest developments. Learn more about markets, Bitcoin, inflation and the future for cryptocurrencies at It is clear that cryptos have outperformed traditional counterparts in many aspects.