4 Clever Ways Private Investigators

By: JamesNavarro

It can be devastating to discover that you were being cheated on in a relationship you thought was loving and meaningful. All the work you put into a relationship can quickly be forgotten once your partner has done it. Infidelity can be the most devastating thing to happen in a relationship. Infidelity isn’t usually that serious unless they aren’t into monogamy.

If you are in a monogamous relationship, infidelity could be devastating to your relationship with the person you consider a significant other. Getevidencenow.com reports that the US has 4% married men, 16% live-in relationship men, and 37% men who are dating have been found to be involved in sexual infidelity. Women with 1%, 88% and 17% have lower rates.

Infidelity can be extremely hurtful. But what is more heartbreaking? Not knowing the beginning. Most people will end an affair with their partner if they find out immediately. This is because it’s more likely that the collateral damage is less than if they have been lying for a longer period of time.

If your partner or lover seems to be acting strangely for a while, it is important that you find out if this is the case. Private investigators can help you resolve this issue. Here’s the problem. If your partner finds out, a private investigation can prove to be extremely damaging. Let’s get in!

Private investigators: Who are they?

Eugene Vidok, a French privateer, soldier and criminal, founded the first detective agency in 1833. Vidoc introduced criminology and ballistics into the criminal investigation field. Vidoc also introduced plaster tests to shoe prints. Some aspects of this method, which focuses on the study of the human body’s movement and is used by French police officers and private investigators, are still being used today.

Private investigators were created to answer the need for law enforcement to be ill-equipped or unwilling to perform their duties. They also performed mercenary work as well as private security. However, movies and television shows have shown that private investigators are not any more powerful than regular citizens in today’s world.

Private investigators are not permitted to enter someone’s home to search for clues. Private investigators usually record the activities of individuals in public places. This is legal as long as they don’t trespass, threaten, or assault anyone.

They do not have the right or authority to arrest anyone unless they are granted the privilege to perform a citizen’s search warrant. Private investigators are not allowed to have more authority than regular citizens when it comes down to the law.

Private investigation requires access to tools and databases that are not available to the public for certain aspects. So how can private investigators catch criminals? Let’s get started.

4 Clever Ways Private Investigators Catch Infidels

Private investigators can help clients determine if there is infidelity in their relationship by doing many things. The key to being a professional is to help clients decide if cheating is occurring.

Infidelity is often easier to spot than it is to remove. Let’s now examine the methods private investigators use to find unfaithful partners in a relationship.

1) Bank statements

Private investigators can access the information in the database to check the identity of the subject under scrutiny. We’ll show you an example to help you better understand the situation. Let’s suppose your partner tells you that they need to travel out of town for a few business trips. The company usually pays all expenses during their stay.

Here’s the problem. Infidelity could be a high level of entertainment expenses, even if the company or business claims that they have paid all of it. The banking statement may also reveal details like transactions for hotel rooms and movies for two. To gather and infer evidence, PI can access records like these.

2) Social Media

Hacking into private media accounts is a crime. Private investigators can hack into a person’s social media accounts to view messages and media that may be contrary to the law. You can have them pretend to be your partner by texting other people. This will allow you to observe their reactions and determine if they are involved in affairs regularly.

3) Surveillance

It is easier to see than believe. Video surveillance is one of the most effective ways to gather evidence. This is especially useful for traveling partners. If you suspect your partner of infidelity at home, you may be able to hire a private investigator to conduct video surveillance.

The PI can position cameras in various areas of the house, and hide them from the public. A common technique for surveillance is to use toys with eyes for cameras. All activities at your home while you’re away will be recorded and your partner will be charged if they cheat on you.

4) GPS tracking

You can put a GPS tracker on your partner’s car without them knowing, as you can see from TV and movies. The PI can track their movements and determine if they are in another place.